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Dana Seachuga M.F.A

M.F.A. Thesis: "Through You (Too)"

Betreuung: Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer, Prof. Eva-Maria Kollischan & Prof. Theo Smeets

Fotos des praktischen Teils der Masterarbeit

Auszug aus dem theoretischen Teil der Masterarbeit

The idea of giving a gift has been a part of human behavior since people came together & created a society.

Apparently it was essential to use a tangible thing to express what is intangible to one another. The very first gift we are actually told of has been given according to the Bible by the very first man to the first lady - Adam & Eve.

What I found most curious is the manner it points out on person-object relationships -

The nature of relationship that we have with some personal objects & their significance, even if these objects are merely temporary, is many times 'big' or even unforgettable. For example when you received your own first key to home, put it on a string around your neck or on a ring attached to your pants  showing to the world that you have become an almost independent person & then Ö the first time you have lost it. 

We utilize objects to support two concepts, not only the expression of emotions but matters of identity as well, two concepts which we can not live without.

As fundamental as this action seems, the fact that it has been researched by economists, anthropologists psychologists & philosophers, referring & explaining, questioning & proofing its different fashions & qualities, emphasize its significance & complexity.  


This object named Gift, the action that 'makes it' & the 'triple-bond' it is resulting with between the object, its giver & receiver, are the core of my essay. The different relationships which one has with an object, as its owner, maker, giver, receiver, etc. & the ones that an object can create or define between people are presented as its back bone.

The essay embody a cluster of theories & quotes which in between those are woven different stories some fiction & some true, with the aim to create a balance of sense & sensibility, which I found necessary to relate to this subject.

As such-as a gift, jewelry holds a very intriguing role, due to its sociological & private roles. Moreover, in our society & in nowadays a jewel, when purchased is a gift whether to another or to oneself.

Even though my works are not gifts by definition (unless they will be chosen to become such by others) they are interpretations of my points of view on this matter of person-object relationship. The role that a personal object can take upon by its owner, especially when the object is intended to be worn-as a tangible self reflection & how one might like to be perceived. 

Thus the stones adopted abstracted shapes which are drawn from varieties of handles implying an offer, inviting touch & the body of the jewel is constructed often by more than one layer of metals, inner ones which are imprinting the outer ones, some covered & some revealed.

The bracelet & the ring are chosen for these interpretations partly because of their intended placement-the hand. Which one of the most common gestures that we do with it is to present it to another as a gesture of greeting, an offer of connection-communication.

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5. September 2016