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Bachelor's Modules

German Language (5 ECTS)

Introductory course into the German language.

Business Information Systems (5 ECTS)

The students learn an overview and advantages of business software systems, especially ERP systems, and where these systems are used in business. A classification of Business Information Systems is given. After that, the role of Business Process Management and its relation to Business Information Systems are discussed. The lecture is completed by selected contemporary issues, e.g. Governance-Risk-Compliance (GRC), Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, etc.

Production Management with SAP (5 ECTS)

In this course we simulate the complete production work flow process on a SAP ECC6.0 system. Starting with master records process, we set up work places, process plans, purchase acquirements to a net of production orders. Finally the articles are placed in the store. In parallel we discuss production-economic organizational structures, design, process planning, purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, quality management. Models for production planning and control. Capacity and production program, wage and benefit determination, production control.

Seminar Web Technologies (5 ECTS)

Seminar in the field of Web Technologies; familiarization with a new technology, realization of a small demonstrator program, oral presentation.

IT Security project (10 ECTS)

Installation and configuration of standard servers such as DNS, DHCP, email, web and database servers.

Integration and operation of security measures:

  • Configuration of firewalls,
  • Creating a certification authority (CA) and generating certificates,
  • Configuration of security protocols such as HTTPS / TLS, SSH, and IPSec,
  • Securing web applications, use of certificates for encrypted and digitally signed e-mails.

Finally, students choose a topic for a network project, which they carry out and present on their own.

CS project (10 ECTS)

Project in an area of expertise of one of our faculty members, e.g. Game Development, Business Information Systems, Web Technologies, Mobile Systems, Software Engineering, Networks, Distributed Systems,  Embedded Systems, Real-time Systems, Data Bases, Artificial Intelligence, Discrete Optimizations and Algorithms, CAD, ERP Software, Computer Graphics, Interactive Media, Medical Informatics. Topics have to be negotiated individually.

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