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master of fine arts (further education)

For whom is this study?

Opens internal link in current window Master of Fine Arts is being offered as a study of further eduction to qualified professionals without a bachelor grade. To acquire admission you need to: 

also, for an effective admission the university must ascertain the equivalence of your professional practice with a german bachelor degree. The decision wether your professional practice has this equivalency, is taken by the head of the entrance examination commitee.

  • This Master of further education is in english.
  • The Plan of Study is identical with the regular Master of Fine Arts programme Opens internal link in current windowMaster of Arts.
  • For this course of study you will be charged a study fee (see box on the right)
May 5, 2017

Study fee

Besides the regular administrative fee of approx. 150 € per semester, the Master of Arts in further education is charged with a study fee of 21,- € per Creditpoint (= 2.520,- € for the complete study of 4 semester. Each semester consists of 30 Credits x 21,- € = 630,- €/semester.)