Information for International Guest Students

Preliminary Information

To the best of our knowledge, none of you are in Germany, right now. If you are and require our assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us immediately.

Most likely, you currently are evaluating, whether to continue your stay in Trier or to cancel and stay at your home university for the summer term. Both options are fine for us. However, if you have decided to cancel your stay with us, please give us notice.

To all of you who have not made a decision, yet, we want to communicate the following preliminary information:

  • All on-campus activities are cancelled until April 26 (with an extension being very likely).
  • Some of our courses will start on March 30 via distance learning methods. If you want to participate, please get in touch with us as fast as possible.
  • Currently, we cannot guarantee that we will uphold the entire course program for the summer term. But we will try our best.
  • Currently, we cannot provide any information on the exam schedule. It is very likely that some of the exams at the end of this summer term will take place with considerable delay.

Message from our International Office (March 13)

Dear students,
the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Science and the state universities have decided to postpone the presence teaching until after the Easter holidays. Currently, all universities in Rhineland-Palatinate are expected to start teaching on April 20, 2020.
A postponement of the start of lectures does not currently mean that the university or the teaching facilities are closed. The departments are asked to check which contents of the lectures can be provided via Distance Learning or E-Learning. Should this be the case, you as a student will receive further information on preparation. No decisions have yet been made regarding the end of the lecture period. We will inform you about this. The orientation week will not take place until further notice. We will inform you on time about this.

  • Research operations and administration are to remain open.
  • The universities are examining the extent to which courses can be replaced by digital formats.
  • The universities are also examining which conferences, meetings and events have to be cancelled.
  • All students, scientists and employees of the scientific institutions who return from risk areas classified by the Robert Koch Institute will be asked to observe a 14-day self-quarantine.

International risk areas

For the time being, no guests arriving from one of the risk areas concerned should be received on campus.

Our region has so far not been declared a risk area. Here you can find a list of such areas:

In case you will change your arrival date, please send us a message so we can assist you. If you should decide to cancel your stay, please let us also know as early as possible.

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