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The following professors are the contact persons for foreign university students and cooperations (Professor Enrico Careglio) or international industry partners (Professor Günther Lübbe)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Enrico Careglio

Trier University of Applied Sciences
Food Technology
54293 Trier
Phone: +49-651-8103-493
Fax: +49-651-8103-413

CV: Professor Enrico Careglio (Academic Coordinator for International Affairs)

Professor Enrico Careglio (DPhil, PhD, MSc) undertook basic training as a graduate engineer in food technology with a university master’s in the field of "Food and Nutrition Sciences".
His dissertation took him to the UK and Italy, where he gained a doctorate on the biochemical subject: "Effect of UV-B radiation on the genetical expression of (+) menthofuran synthase (Cytochrom P450s) in Mentha x piperita L. (Black Mitcham)".

Professor E. Careglio worked at a leading European confectionery group for 15 years, spending time abroad in Italy and France. His work ranged from technological recipe supervision from a qualitative standpoint to fundamental research in the special field of raw materials and innovative product development (recently as R & D-Director) from specialist nutrition- and food-science standpoints.

Having joined the Trier University of Applied Sciences in April 2010.

Professor E. Careglio works in the following subjects:
food sensor technology, food law and statistics, quality and environmental management, product development, nutritional physiology, fundamentals of food technology, confectionery technology.

Professor E. Careglio is head for the area of food sensor technology/product developement and responsible of the laboratory for physical analysis methods.

Professor E. Careglio has defined the following research priorities:
• Research work with the focus on confectionery technology
• Consulting of „start-ups" in the field of product development


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Lübbe

Trier University of Applied Sciences
Food Technology
54293 Trier
Phone: +49-651-8103-412
Fax: +49-651-8103-413

CV: Professor Günther Lübbe

Professor Günther Lübbe studied Food Technology at the Technical University of Munich's Weihenstephan campus and gained his doctorate in the field of process engineering at the Institute for Machine and Equipment Science with the thesis "Rheological In-Process Control for Cooked-Sausage Production in the Cutter".

For seven years, Professor Günther Lübbe worked in the development, planning and project planning of food technology process systems in the field of machine and equipment science.
For six years as an executive at an internationally active specialty chemicals company, he was responsible for worldwide engineering, process developement and investment controlling in the adsorbents and additives division.

At the Karlsruhe Research Centre, as a head of department and member of the board, he was responsible for the fields of production and manufacturing technology, as well as environmental technology, at the Karlsruhe project sponsor.

Professor Günther Lübbe joined the Trier University of Applied Sciences in December 2006.

He teaches the following subjects:
machine elements, fundamentals of food technology, mechanical process engineering, dairy and meat technology, food packaging technology.

In R+D projects, Professor Günther Lübbe produces works focusing on:
food technology, food rheology, powder technology, mixing technology and packaging technology.

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