Edelstein und Schmuck

Zur rechten Zeit am rechten Ort. Solo exhibition with Tabea Reulecke

Tabea Reulecke (M.F.A. 2015) finishs her time as City Goldsmith of Hanau with this exhibition from 8th August to 18th October 2018.

”Already 17 years? Yes, it is true! My oldest and youngest pieces, the beautiful and most ugly ones, storytelling, nonsense telling, painted, carved, collected, used, sold, private, most favorite and so many more... Please feel invited to see me and my next SOLO exhibition at Goldschmiedemuseum Hanau. "Zur rechten Zeit am rechten Ort" (at the right time at the right place) is showing more than 200 selected pieces born since 2001... “

"After receiving her master's degree of fine arts in Trier, Germany, in 2015, Tabea Reulecke (*1981, Berlin) went on to work at different places all over the world. The examination of different cultures has been inspiring her to incorporate new techniques and materials into her jewelry creations."

Tabea Reulecke: www.tabeareulecke.com

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