University Executive Board

President Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann manages the Trier University of Applied Sciences and represents it outwards.  Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann is assisted by Prof. Dr. Marc Regier (Vice President for Learning and Teaching) and Prof. Dr. Gisela Sparmann (Vice President for Research & Technology Transfer). The Chancellor heads the administration of Trier University of Applied Sciences and is responsible for the budget.

The university management sees itself as a committee and is always available for questions and suggestions.



Assistant to the University Executive Board
Christina Schwardt
Tel. +49 6782 17-1662

President's office
Kerstin Recking
Tel. +49 651/8103-445
Fax +49 651/8103-557
Office: Schneidershof J/105

Chancellor's office
Stephanie Schmitz
Tel. +49 651 8103-492
Fax +49 651 8103-566
Office: Schneidershof J/109

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