Assistant lecturer’s program “Mary Somerville”

This program aims to help women, who are not yet fulfilling the formal criteria to apply for a professorial position, to receive a lectureship and through that make contact with Universities of Applied Sciences to raise their chances on a later application process for a professorial position.

Professors, male and female alike, are called to advice suitable women to apply and to submit an informal application with the assistance of the central equality officer to the ministry of education.

Contactperson Mary Somerville

Britta Billert
Britta Billert
Beschäftigte Gleichstellungsbüro


+49 6782 17-1913
+49 6782 17-1711


Birkenfeld | Building 9925 | Room 30


Nach Vereinbarung: Montag - Donnerstag 9:00 - 12:30 Uhr

Information from the ministry

Website of the ministry


Female professors’ program

The “female professors’ program” is a joint project between the federal government and the county government in line with their common goal to support women in science and research. It aims to promote gender equality in universities, to raise the representation of women on all qualification levels in the scientific community system and to raise the number of women in leading positions within the scientific community.

It’s about raising the number of female professors at universities and to support the equality efforts of the universities, especially with regards to the recruiting and engaging of female scientific junior staff in those areas, in which women are still in the minority.


Guidelines to the support program

The guidelines to this support program can be viewed here.



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