Health insurance

Should you have questions on your health insurance during or after pregnancy, during mother protection period or during your parental leave, they are best put to your health insurance directly. Information on all medical examination and delivery services as well as the treatment of pregnancy related health issues can also be obtained there.

Health insurance of your child:

  • Usually the health insurance of the mother is covering all costs regarding the birth of the child. The family insurance of your child is contribution free, but has to be applied for after your child’s birth. The necessary family questionnaire can be obtained from your health insurance. Please return it there along with a copy of your child’s birth certificate. Subsequently you will receive a health insurance card for your child.
  • In a private health insurance, the assured pays a contribution for each individual member of the family. If one parent is member of the governmental health insurance and on parent is privately insured, the free of charge family insurance can only be obtained if the income of the privately insured parent does not exceed the income limits of the family insurance. Should it exceed the income limit, the child has to be insured privately.
  • If both parents are insured by a governmental health insurance, the parents are free to chose with whom the child is to be insured in a family insurance.

If you have claimed parental allowance after the delivery of the child and your job contact ends during your parental leave, your health insurance is still covered through your parental allowance. In case of an existing work contract you are insured for free during your parental leave and during the receipt of parental allowance.


Students and health insurance

Same regulations as above apply to students. Please be advised to seek consultation with your health insurance at any rate to avoid misunderstandings.

Usually students are insured as follows:

  • You are covered by family insurance through your parents and therefore don’t pay fees. This option ends with the completion of their 25th year. An extension is only possible for those students who served in military duty or in compulsory community service.
  • You are married and co-insured with your partner. In this case you also don’t pay fees.
  • You have an individual students health insurance and are paying lower fees. You have this option up until you  turn 30 years of age or end your 14th semester. The birth of a child to you or child care duties can extend this period over another three semesters.
  • You are insured through a voluntary health insurance plan and pay the full fees as agreed with your health insurance.

Children of students:

  • If students are still insured through their parents, their own children are also ensured through the grandparents.
  • Unmarried parents can insure their child either through their own health insurance plan or the one of the other parent.

Should your be insured through a governmental health insurance plan and your expenditures for health care and medicine exceed legal cap of 1% or 2% of your gross income, you have the option to request an exemption from your health insurance which will free you from medical fees. To obtain this exemption, please collect all your receipts and, together with records to proof your income situation, pass them on to your health insurance. Children are always exempted from medical fees (except additional costs of transportation).

More Informations:

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