Public grants scheme for studying parents

Applications for a public grant are always reviewed individually. In any case you should seek consultation with your responsible public grant administrator. 

If you fall pregnant during your university time, you are still eligible to receive your public grant. You can even halt your studies for up to three month without losing your claim.

If you halt your studies for longer than three months, the payment of your public grants will be suspended and will only continue when you take up your studies again.

Most important regulations on the public grants scheme:

  • If you halt your studies for more than 3 month, your payments will be suspended
  • The payments will continue after you have notified the public grants administration of the continuation of your studies
  • Should you have to extend the period of your studies due to child care duties, pregnancy, childbirth or care for an elderly relative, the public grants scheme is extended also in the form of a benefit
  • This benefit does not have to be paid back
  • The following periods are considered appropriate in terms of study extension:
    • For pregnancy: 1 additional semester
    • Up until your child is five years old: 1 additional semester for each year (max. 5 semesters)
    • For ages six and seven of your child: 1 additional semester
    • For ages eight and ten of your child: 1 additional semester
  • The extension periods can be divided up between two studying parents, if parents provide a description of how the child care duties are split between them
  • The obligatory performance record after the fifth semester can be handed in later by studying parents
  • As parent you are allowed a higher amount of exemption for auxiliary income without your public grant being cut

For more information on application forms and payback regulations for parents please contact your local public grants administration team.

Additional information can be found in the following PDF-document by the federal ministry of education (available only in German).

Contact (Trier)

Hans-Albert Alles
Management of the Office for public grants at Trier University of Applied Sciences

Consultation hours on appointment

Phone (Mon, Wed, Thu): 0651 - 201-2786

Phone (Tue, Fri): 06782 - 17-1318

Letters A-Gt
Claudia Follmann
Schneidershof, Raum J7
Phone: 0651 - 8103-474

Mail: follmann(at)

Letters Gu-Pd
Patrick Jaekel
Schneidershof, Raum J6
Phone: 0651 - 8103-723

Mail: pjaekel(at)  

Letters Pe-Z
Hans-Peter Greif
Schneidershof, Raum J5
Tel: 0651 - 8103-285

Phone: greif(at)

Contact (Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld)

Hans-Albert Alles
Building 9924, Room 031
Phone: 06782 - 17-1318

Buchstabengruppen A-Z
Linda Klingel
Building 9924, Room 050
Phone: 06782 - 17-1821

Letters Schw-Z of UNI TRIER
Christian Schweig 
Building 9924, Room 033
Phone: 06782 - 17-1806

Mail: bafoeg(at)

More informations

You can find more useful infomrations here.


General contact to public grant:

Hotline: 0800 223 6341


Students, who receive a governmental grant to finance their studies and no longer live with their parents, can apply to be exempted from license-fees.

The application for exemption can be downloaded on the following website:

It can also be obtained in your local community administration office.

Send the filled in application form signed and with your current public grant notification letter to the license-fee administration service of ARD, ZDF and German Radio in Cologne. The complete address can be found below.

When you send the copy of your public grant notification letter please be sure to have it authenticated by your local community administration. Please send the original along with a not saying: “Please return to sender”, since it could end up being archived together with your application form otherwise.

More informations

ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio
Fee service
50656 Köln

City council Trier 
Citizen center
Am Augustinerhof 1
54290 Trier

Phone (Main office): 0651 - 718-0
Mail (Main office): buergeramt(at)

Local Government Birkenfeld
Schneewiesenstr. 21
55765 Birkenfeld

Phone (Main office): 06782 - 9900
Fax (Main office): 06782 - 990127
Mail: info(at)

City council Idar-Oberstein
Georg-Maus-Str. 1
55743 Idar-Oberstein

Phone: 06781 - 64-0
Fax: 06781 - 6433-9
Mail: stadtverwaltung(at)

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