Child benefits

Parents (single parents too) with place of residence in Germany receive child benefits. Foreign nationals with a valid settlement permit can also claim child benefits. The amount is depending on the number of children living in your family:

  • 1-2 children: 204 € per month per child
  • For the third child: 210€ per month
  • For 4 and more children: 235€ per month per child

Benefits are available for:

  • All children up to their 18th year of life
  • For children in job training up to the 25th year of life
  • For unemployed children up to the 21th year of life
  • For children on search for a job training up to the 25th year of life (proof to be handed in)
  • For disabled children, who cannot take care of themselves, no age-restriction (the disability must be existent before the 25th year of life. The claim of disabled children without parents ends with their 25th year of life unless they live in a foster home.)

Generally, the benefit is paid to the person in whose custody the child is living. If both parents are living together they can decide to whom the benefit is to be paid.

If a child of age lives away from the parental household, the person who is financing the greater part of the child’s livelihood receives the child benefit. If you, as student, are still entitled to claim child benefit for yourself while you have a baby yourself, child benefit for yourself will only be paid if you forgo your claims to parental allowance and do not take parental leave.

The application to claim child benefit must be directed in written for to your local family benefits office. Which one is responsible for you depends on your place of residence. More information can be obtained in the family benefits office.

Children’s allowance

The children’s allowance is an additional amount on top of the child benefit, which is to help low income families. It can be claimed be single parents and by couples if their children are not married and under 25 years of age. Other criteria are:

  • Child benefit must also be claimed for these children
  • The children must be living in your household
  • The monthly income of the parents is at least equal to the minimum income (900€ for couples, 600€ for single parents) and income and assets do not exceed the maximum income
  • The livelihood of the family is covered with the help of the children’s allowance and other claims on other social benefits schemes will not be made

The children’s allowance with a maximum amount of 185€/per months per child and is paid out together with the child benefit. If you have more than one child, a total amount of all claims is calculated and then paid out. For certain groups of people, for example students, who’s studies are eligible to be funded with a public grant, the children’s allowance will only be granted under certain circumstances.

If you are already claiming unemployment benefits II or other social benefits, a claim on children’s allowance is not possible.

Beneficiaries of the children’s allowance scheme can also claim additional benefits for education and participation. These can be granted to finance school outings, school equipment, tuition or meals at school. The benefits for education and participation can be claimed at the responsible local authorities. The necessary forms can be obtained there as well or downloaded:

Further information is available in your local family benefits office.

More informations

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