Care seminars of the family service centre of the University of Applied Sciences Trier

The family service centre of the University of Applied Sciences Trier organises annual seminars on care for the elderly and related subjects. The contents are practice –orientated and designed to help employees and students to prepare for a care situation of a close relative. Since the participants have the chance to ask detailed questions, these seminars may also be useful for employees and students already providing care for a relative.

Seminars have so far covered the application procedures for nursing care benefits, different options of using care support services, patient’s provisions and durable power of attorney as well as children’s obligations to support parents in need of care.

The seminars are free for all university members. The last, depending on the content, half a day to full day and are held by examined health care nurses.

The seminars will usually take place at both major campuses, Trier and environmental campus. You will be informed on dates and venues by e-mail or you can check out our news page on this website.

More informations

Family Service
Location Birkenfeld
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55761 Birkenfeld
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We offer counselling interviews at each location of the University. Please make an appointment. 

Phone: 06782/17 – 1913 (Secretariat)
Mail: gsb.beratung(at)

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