Counselling on care

Your first point of contact with regards to care should be your nursing care insurance (part of your health insurance).

However, since 2009 all citizens have a right of counselling on this subject. The created care service bases provide counselling for governmental insured citizens. Privately insured citizens can contact COMPASS, the corresponding organisation for them.

All care service bases are staffed by experts, who will give you detailed information on social law, nursing care law, care as such and all benefits by the nursing care insurance. The counsellor can also come to your home for an appointment.

If your relative is assigned to care level one or two, you will receive a counselling once every half year at home, in care level three you will receive it once every three months. This is to ensure the quality of home care and give you practical advice and help should you have questions. This service is also offered by the welfare services. Since 2008 persons not assigned to a care level can also make use of this offer.

Should you decide not to provide home care for your relative anymore, you can contact your local care service base or your nursing care insurance for information on local nursing homes.

To get an idea on the services and their quality of individual nursing homes you can access the quality report of every nursing home on the internet. On the homepage of the consumer advice centre (Verbraucherzentrale) Rhineland-palatine, you can find links to health insurances and other institutions who feature the quality reports on their websites. You can then choose a page to view the quality report of a nursing home that you want to consider.

More information


Care Service Bases Trier

Care Service Base Petrisberg
(Olewig, Heiligkreuz, Mariahof, Feyen-Weismark, Kernscheid, Irsch, Filsch, Trimmelter Hof)
Max-Planck-Straße 23
54296 Trier
Phone: (0651) 99 17 18-40 /-41

Care Service Base Diedenhofener Straße
(Trier-West, teilw. Pallien, Euren, Trier-Süd, Zewen)
Diedenhofener Straße 1
54294 Trier
Phone: (0651) 99 84 95 63 /-64

Care Service Base Engelstraße
(Mitte-Gartenfeld, Pfalzel, Ehrang-Quint, Biewer, teilw. Pallien)
Engelstraße 11 a
54292 Trier
Phone: (0651) 966378-60 /-61

Care Service Base Kochstraße
(Tarforst, Kürenz, Trier-Nord, Ruwer-Eitelsbach)
Kochstraße 2
54290 Trier
Phone: (0651) 91 20 8-48 /-49

Web: You can finde more informations about service bases and counselling options via this link

Care service base Birkenfeld
Schönenwaldstraße 1
55765 Birkenfeld
Contactperson: Matthias Berend
Phone: (06782) 98 48 61-2

Care service base Idar-Oberstein
Tiefensteinerstr. 159
55743 Idar-Oberstein
Contactperson: Christiane Flake
Phone: (06781) 56 36 -33

You can receive more informations from your health insurance company or at your loca care service base. 


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