Care situations and nursing care insurance

“In need of care” is defined according to §14 social law book XI as:

  • People with physical, mental or spiritual illness or disability
  • People, who
    • for the duration of at least six month but probably longer,
    • need assistance performing regular or daily occurring tasks of everyday life
    • in considerable or high amount

Should you or a relative of yours fulfil the requirements above you are entitled to receive benefits from your nursing care insurance. The amount of benefits received depends on the grade of care you need. Three grades of care are defined by law, which compose the three care levels. They define the extend of material and financial support you are entitled to.

For people with a diagnosed limited everyday competence additional benefits are available. This could be the case if the applicant endangers themselves or others through misjudgement or aggressive behaviour or is strongly disorientated, in a temporal or spatial sense. Persons suffering from dementia are therefore eligible to receive care benefits.

More informations

From your social security office, welfare center, charitites or your financial departement.

Info hotline:
(01805) 99 66 03

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