Application for care benefits

  1. Get in touch with your nursing care insurance. The nursing care insurance is part of your health insurance. To apply on behalf of your relative you need a written deed of assignation of that person. If at all conceivable at this time, use the opportunity to inform your nursing care insurance whether you plan to care for your relative at home or whether they will need to stay at a nursing home.
  2. The nursing care insurance will inform the so called MDK (medical service of health insurances) to conduct an examination of your relative to assess their need for care. This examination will determine the care level assigned to your relative and thus decide what benefits your relative is eligible for. The examination will take place in the home of your relative, meaning your relative will have to give their permission for this visit. Should they refuse permission, the nursing care insurance has the right to refuse benefits for your relative. The assessment of the MDK is standardised. The examiner will also propose measures and treatments that are supposed to avoid a worsening of your relatives situation or support a rehabilitation of your relatives situation. Should you have decided for home care, the examination will also assess whether home care can be provided in the necessary way. You can visit the free seminars of the family service of the University of Applied Sciences Trier to prepare for the visit of the MDK or you can make an appointment for a one-to-one counselling on the subject.
  3. Keep a nursing diary, in which you record all tasks with which your relative needed help (hygiene, dressing, eating) and record the amount of time you spent helping with each task. Show this nursing dairy to the examiner of the MDK.
  4. Be present during the visit of the examiner.
  5. Try to assess whether you can really provide long-term home care on your own, or whether you will need assistance by, e.g., an ambulant nursing service. Please communicate this to your nursing care insurance and ask for a comparison of costs of local services.
  6. Should you not find yourself able to provide home care your nursing care insurance can provide information on suitable care homes close to you. Ask for a comparison of costs of the different institutions. Visit those institutions and try to assess whether you are happy with their treatment of the patients.

If you are privately insured in a private compulsory nursing care insurance you will be able to claim back all expenditure for materials in the same amount as it would be provided by the governmental nursing care insurance. In residential care the nursing care insurance covers all measures and medical treatments as well as social care. However, the cover is graded according to the care levels in monthly lump sums.

More information on graded lump sums you can find on page 67 of the family service brochure.

More informations

From your social security office, welfare center, charitites or your financial departement.

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