Corona virus: Current information

Summer semester 2022

  • Classroom teaching: The summer semester and almost all lectures, seminars, exercises, labs, exams and examinations take place in class.
  • Removal of the mask requirement: The mask requirement at Trier University of Applied Sciences has been lifted. We recommend that you continue to wear a mask voluntarily for your own protection and that of others, especially when in direct contact with many changing people.
  • 3G rule: The 3G rule for courses and examinations as well as for employees at the workplace has been lifted. It is recommended to continue to be aware of spacing and to be tested regularly for coronavirus.
  • Examinations: Students are free to take exams until the end of the summer semester (31.08.2022), which means that compulsory exams do not have to be taken either.

Current information from the Presidency

Information of 10. June 2022

Dear international students,

in agreement with the other universities in the country, the mask requirement will no longer apply at Trier University of Applied Sciences from 13 June 2022.

The mask remains an effective protective measure to contain the spread of viral diseases. We therefore continue to appeal to the personal responsibility and prudent behaviour of all university members to voluntarily wear the mask, especially when in direct contact with many changing persons.

The general occupational health and safety and hygiene standards and the Corona web pages will be adapted to this change and updated in the next few days.

If the number of infections at the university increases drastically, the university will reintroduce the mask requirement if necessary.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at infogesundheit(at)

Best regards from the Presidential Board
Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann
Claudia Hornig
Prof. Dr. Beate Massa
Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen

Information of 01. April 2022

Dear colleagues, dear students,

With this mail we would like to inform you about the Corona regulations that will apply at the university from 03 April.

With the 33rd Corona Regulation of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, most of the Corona rules will no longer apply from 3 April 2022. The background to this is the change to the Infection Protection Law  by the Federal Cabinet. However, basic protection rules will still remain, where vulnerable groups need special protection.

Protecting yourself and others remains very important and is now even more the responsibility of each individual. The mask is and will remain a good tool to contain the spread of the virus. Therefore, the state government strongly recommends that protective masks continue to be worn in enclosed spaces where people congregate by way of customer or visitor traffic or during events. For the protection of our students and employees, we follow this recommendation and, within the framework of our house rules, continue to order the wearing of masks in the university buildings.

The regulations at Trier University of Applied Sciences at a glance:

  •  Mask obligation: A medical face mask (OP mask) or an FFP2 mask or a mask of a comparable standard must be worn in the university buildings. The mask obligation also applies at the seat during lectures and examinations in presence. Lecturers in courses may remove the mask. University employees are exempt from the mask requirement at their workplaces if other protective arrangements are made (e.g. distance, partitions) or as long as there is no direct contact with other persons.
  • 3G rule:  For courses and exams, the 3G rule is no longer valid from 03.04.22. For employees, the 3G rule has already been removed at the workplace.
  • Distance: The minimum distance and the capacity restriction for events will be abolished, i.e. all courses and examinations can take place without a minimum distance, but with a mask. However, we still recommend that you continue to observe distances and behave prudently in all areas.
  • Hygiene: Continue to follow the hygiene rules for proper coughing and sneezing and for thorough hand washing.
  • Ventilation: Ventilate rooms regularly: offices every 60 minutes and meeting and lecture rooms at least every 20 minutes. Ventilation for 3 to 10 minutes is recommended.
  • Participation in examinations: Students are free to take part in examinations until the end of the summer semester (31.08.2022), which also means that compulsory examinations do not have to be taken.
  • Corona infection: We ask all students and employees to inform the university immediately via if you have tested positive.

For all other questions regarding Corona and university operations, please contact at any time.

We look forward to seeing you again in Presence in the summer semester and wish you, your families and friends all the best until then and as peaceful Easter days as possible!

Best regards from the Presidential Board
Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann
Claudia Hornig
Prof. Dr. Beate Massa
Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen


Information of 28. February 2022

Dear students,

Despite the difficult global political situation, we hope that you are doing well under the circumstances.

We want to inform you today that the upcoming summer semester 2022 is going to take place once again entirely in attendance. In terms of learning and teaching as well as social interaction, this is an important step for all of us.

These plans are based on the relaxations regarding the Corona regulations announced by the federal and state governments, which are to be expected with the expiry of the Federal Infection Protection Act on March 20, 2022. This will give us the legal framework for action to plan teaching in presence. For you, this means that campus life with face-to-face lectures, meals in the cafeteria, study groups or meetings with students will once again become part of your everyday life as students at Trier University of Applied Sciences.

Should further hygiene measures be ordered by the state or deemed necessary by us, we will inform you promptly. You will receive further information, including information about possible smaller portions of digital teaching, from your department.

We look forward to seeing you again in presence in spring 2022 and wish you, your families and friends all the best until then.

Best regards from the presidency
Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann
Prof. Dr. Beate Massa
Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen
Claudia Hornig

Information of 14. January 2022

Dear students,

the 3G regulation must be strictly adhered to also during the examination phase (face-to-face examinations). If no 3G proof can be presented upon request, the student will be excluded from the examination.
This will be counted as a failed attempt according to the regulations of the examination rules.

Responsible student behavior is appealed to; self-reliant testing prior to attending college is recommended even for fully vaccinated and recovered people.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Services Team.

We wish all students good luck for the upcoming examination period.

Information of 15. November 2021

Dear students, dear colleagues,

We hope you and your families are doing well at the moment.

With the high incidences and hospital admissions in times of the pandemic, which are now also increasingly affecting Rhineland-Palatinate with our university locations, it is important for us to give you a few pointers. Your health and that of your families, acquaintances and friends as well as society is important to us.

So far, there have been no direct infections at our university in connection with the pandemic that we are aware of. However, there have been corona cases among individual members of our university.

At the same time, there are several indications that the measures we have implemented so far to deal with the pandemic are working well.

For this reason, we are once again highlighting a few points, asking you kindly to take note of them:

  • Wear masks (medical / FFP2) at the university in lectures and on your way through the buildings.
  • Ventilate regularly and adhere to the known hygiene rules.
  • Reliably record contacts (especially through the Intake app): in classes, committee meetings and all other meetings at the university.
  • Stay away from the university in case of typical symptoms, get tested and get medical advice if necessary.
  • In case of infection with the Corona virus, report to your health office, stay at home, follow the instructions of the office and inform us (infogesundheit(at) We will handle the information confidentially.
  • If possible, keep your distance from each other. If this is not possible, wear masks on your own responsibility even outside of buildings.
  • The 3G rule for academic staff and students still applies. With an extension of the 3G rule to all university employees, we expect new regulations from the federal government soon.
  • Please also remember to comply with the rules regarding your private contacts inside and outside the university on your own responsibility and thus minimise the risk of infection.
  • There are already changes from the federal government concerning the assumption of costs for tests. Please inform yourself.
  • Vaccination services: Currently, the infrastructure for vaccinations is being expanded again. The vaccination bus will come to the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld on 16 November from 9.00 am to 5 pm. You only need your identity card and, if available, your vaccination card to receive a vaccination. Booster vaccinations are also carried out. No pre-registration is necessary. Another date for the vaccination bus in Trier is currently still being coordinated.
  • If you have any questions about vaccinations, please contact medical professionals such as your doctor, especially if you have not yet been vaccinated or have recovered and are currently undecided about this. Your doctor can competently inform you about the risks, especially of an illness, and also about vaccination. In addition, the Corona information hotline of the state is available: 0800 / 57 58 100.

Further information can be found at:

At the moment, we do not anticipate any significant changes at universities in the Corona Ordinance of Rhineland-Palatinate

In a meeting with Health and Science Minister Clemens Hoch last week, we learned that no major changes are expected from the state in the foreseeable future.

One of the reasons for this is the high vaccination rate: Everyone has been given an opportunity to be vaccinated at the universities. The percentage of those who have been vaccinated at the state's universities is 90% and above, according to smaller and larger random samples - including ours at Trier University of Applied Sciences. Every additional vaccination at our university helps to protect the health of all members of the university.

Our regulations on the maximum number of permitted persons are - with a maximum of 60 people indoors and 100 people outdoors - set quite low compared to other universities and are currently still appropriate.

After a long time during which exchanges were largely limited and digital at our university, we want to maintain face-to-face teaching in order to avert further consequences for studying and teaching as well as from the isolation of our students.

Nevertheless, we are and will remain vigilant. If there is a need to take further measures at Trier University of Applied Sciences, e.g. to limit the number of people in lectures, committee meetings or with guests, we will inform you promptly via mail and the FAQ.

The departments will make further adjustments as required depending on the size of the rooms and the classes.  

We thank you for observing these guidelines and wish you all the best.

Best regards
Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann
Prof. Dr. Marc Regier
Claudia Hornig

Information of 27. September 2021

Dear students,

The new winter semester is beginning and we are looking forward to the expanded opportunities for classroom teaching.

In order to ensure the most safe study in presence, it is important to implement the hygiene concept with the necessary general conditions.

Therefore, we would like to draw your special attention to the following rules:

  • For participation in classroom teaching, the 3G rule applies to students and lecturers: fully vaccinated, recovered (with certificate) or tested (certified rapid test carried out by qualified personnel). Proof of testing must be current to the day or from the day before. You are required to carry proof of your 3G status with you at the university. Appropriate checks may be made. Violation will lead to exclusion from the event/examination.
  • There is still a general obligation to wear a mask at the university inside rooms. This also applies at the seat during courses and examinations in presence.
  • As in previous semesters, we will be using the Intake app to record contacts using a QR code. To start Intake, simply go to the following address:

At the start of the winter semester, there will be another very straightforward way to get vaccinated: The state's vaccination bus will come to the main campus Schneidershof on October 12, 2021 (location: parking lot in front of the gymnasium). The vaccination offer is open to all (students, employees, externs) without registration. Various vaccines will be offered. Important: Do not forget your ID-card! At the environmental campus there will be a similar offer at the beginning of October, the exact dates will be communicated.

For the first weeks of the semester through Oct. 10, 2021, the Malteser plan to offer free Corona rapid tests daily at the main campus for students who have not yet been vaccinated. A parallel testing offer will also be organized at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. Please note that due to a federal and statewide regulation, the testing opportunities will no longer be available free of charge after October 11.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact infogesundheit(at) or your instructors directly.

We are pleased to welcome you back to the university with an increased presence and wish you a successful and healthy semester.

The Presidential Board
Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann
Prof. Dr. Marc Regier
Claudia Hornig


For questions and information about the coronavirus, please contact: infogesundheit(at)

If you would rather address students for questions: studentischeanliegen(at)

International Office:

Reporting obligation

In the event of suspicion or infection with Covid-19, you are obligated to report this immediately to the university via the address infogesundheit(at) and to the responsible health office.

Hygiene instructions

  • keep distance
  • wearing a mask is recommended
  • wash hands regularly
  • ventilate rooms regularly
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