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Cooperative doctoral program at Trier University of Applied Sciences

The Doctoral Advisory Service offers structural and tailored support for graduates and colleagues at Trier University of Applied Sciences pursuing a doctorate.

To contribute to the research strength of Trier University of Applied Sciences, one of our main focuses is on expanding cooperative doctoral programs, where professors are co-supervisors or reviewers in the doctoral procedure legally reserved to universities.  Cooperative doctoral candidates are enrolled at the University.

Candidates will be given information and advice, for example, on the decision-making process, funding, looking for a supervisor and a faculty to take them on as a doctoral candidate, project applications, and with difficulties in the process of the doctoral program.  Qualified women are particularly encouraged to pursue a doctorate.

To encourage successful graduations, doctoral candidates are supported in creating internal and external networks and in their interdisciplinary development in scientific tools and academic skills, for example, through doctoral meet-ups and “WiTfit” workshops.

The Doctoral Advisory Service provides supervising professors with information and a framework to exchange ideas.

The Doctoral Advisory Service contributes both internally and externally to structural improvements for doctoral programs at universities of applied sciences and takes part in Europe-wide campaigns for quality assurance in doctoral programs.

Dr. Elisabeth Fillmann
Dr. Elisabeth Fillmann
Beschäftigte Promotionsberatungsstelle


+49 6782 17-1827


Birkenfeld | Building 9924 | Room 120


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The Doctoral Advisory Service is unavailable from September 30 to October 19, 2020.


Next office hours in Trier on November 10, 2020, from 2 – 5 p.m.

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