How to reach us

Our current handling

All staff and teaching staff can be easily reached by phone and email. All important contact details can be found on our website.

Final papers can be sent in advance by email as a PDF (PDF to your supervisor AND to the secretariat is required!). The submission date is then the date the email is sent to us. Please send the printed copies by post to our address as soon as possible.

Please send us scanned applications and forms by email.

By email:
By telephone: +49 651 8103 299 (weekdays 9 a.m.-12 p.m.; 12.45 p.m.- 4 p.m.)
By fax: +49 651 8103 416

-PO Box 1826, 54208 Trier
-Schneidershof, 54293 Trier

Responsibilities Contact person E-mail address Phonenumber Room
Student counselling: general/ university transfer students/ recognition issues; welcoming freshmen; supervising "Scientific Work"; supporting and running courses; planning and coordinating seminars; graduation ceremony Mr Achim Görres +49 651 8103-460 K3a
Student counselling; public relations; marketing; quality management Mrs Laura Lung +49 651 8103-384 K3c
Student counselling, in particular change of degree programme, change of PO, change of university; examination planning; recognition of examination achievements Mrs Miriam Seeh +49 651 8103-334 K3a
International Business Office; student support in the area of international exchange/partner universities; practical project officer Mrs Anne Willems +49 651 8103-528 K3b
Student counselling; hardware and software support; timetabling; room planning Mr Michael Ziegelmayer +49 651 8103-226 K3c
Student counselling; administration of the departmental budget; coordination of teaching assistants, student assistants, tutors Mrs Gabriele Zimmermann +49 651 8103-365 K3c
Theses; Certificates for students; Diploma Supplements Mrs Danielle Wampach/ Mrs Dorothee Felten +49 651 8103-299 K1b

Official regulations

  • Courses can be held with a maximum of 60 people in attendance. Larger courses are to be held digitally. 
  • The 3G rule (vaccinated, tested, or recovered) applies to students and teachers for participation in classroom teaching. The same applies to the use of the library or PC pools and workrooms.
  • The proofs must be carried with you when staying at the university and must be presented during controls. The proof of testing must be current or from the lecture.
  • Mask requirement: There is a general requirement to wear medical face masks or FFP2 masks at the university. 
  • Examinations in presence take place. There is an obligation to wear medical or FFP2 masks.
  • Participation in the examinations is still optional for students until 15. November 2021, i.e. compulsory examinations do not have to be taken.
  • The campus restaurant at the main campus and the campus restaurant at UCB are open.
  • Use of the library as a place of learning is possible again with restrictions. Regulations for the use of the libraries can be found on the libraries' websites.
  • Obligation to record contacts: For all meetings, events, retreats, committee meetings, consultations and meetings with more than 2 persons and a duration of at least 15 minutes, the contact data of the participants must be recorded. The Intake app is used throughout the university for this purpose.
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