Higher Education Entrance Qualification and Knowledge of German

Higher Education Entrance Qualification

Foreign study applicants who apply for admission to a higher education institution in Germany need a higher education entrance qualification in the same way as German study applicants.

Admission Overview

Please check in the DAAD Admissions Database or at www.anabin.de whether you can be admitted directly to a course of study at Trier University of Applied Sciences with your university entrance qualification.

If necessary, you must take the "Examination to determine the suitability of foreign applicants for admission to higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany" (Feststellungsprüfung) before commencing your studies. The Studienkolleg at the FH Kaiserslautern is responsible for Trier University of Applied Sciences.

German language skills


If your higher education entrance qualification is equivalent to the German one, you can begin your studies as soon as you have provided proof of sufficient German language skills. To do this, you need the "German Language Examination for the Admission of Foreign Applicants to Higher Education" (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber - DSH) or the TestDaF exam. 

Holders of the language diploma of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs in the Federal Republic of Germany (Kultusministerkonferenz Stage II), holders of the "Central Advanced Level Examination" of the Goethe-Institut or holders of the Großes or Kleines language diploma of the Goethe-Institut are exempt from this examination.

To be admitted to the FH or HS (Universities of Applied Sciences), you need at least level 2 in the DSH and at least 4 in each of the four sub-areas in TestDaf ("Test of German as a foreign language").

Unfortunately, the Trier University of Applied Sciences does not offer any language courses and examinations that lead to the acquisition of the DSH.  TestDaF can be taken both in Germany and abroad. Information on dates and examination centres can find at TestDaF

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