Frequently Asked Questions

What functions does Intake offer?

Intake is a web application for contactless digital contact data collection. It replaces the paper forms used to record people, their contact details and attendance times at events.

Intake offers five modes, which are briefly explained below:

  • Visitor mode: As a visitor at an event, you have to create a personal QR code with your contact data only once. To do this, simply call up the web application at in your web browser and follow the instructions. To make it even easier and faster for you to access your QR code in future, you can use the "Add to start screen" function of your web browser (see below) to add an icon to your start screen. This icon acts like a smartphone app and immediately displays your previously created QR Code when you start it. The QR code can also be exported to a vector graphics file or sent to a printer.
  • Session host mode: As session host you can create sessions and record the QR codes of visitors. You can also enter visitors manually using an input form. After closing a session, you can export the recorded data into an Excel file or upload it to the server of the Hochschule Trier. You can start the session host mode by clicking on the login icon in the lower part of the web application. Access is protected by a password.
  • Station Mode: In session host mode, the session host is always automatically checked into the session he started. For this reason, the session host's contact data must be entered once before the first session is started. The station mode allows the unattended operation of Intake without a session host present. Therefore it is also possible to start a session without entering the contact data first. Furthermore Intake remembers the last entered room. In addition, the continuous recording of QR codes is automatically started with password protection for cancelling.

  • Multi-station mode: Up to now in Intake a session was always linked to exactly one recording station. This applied to both session host mode and station mode. For large events, for example, where there are several entrances and exits, this was a limitation. The new multi-station mode makes it possible to manage a common session with any number of recording stations.
    In the simplest case, which we will briefly outline here, you would like to record the contact data of the visitors of an event, where a one-way routing system is provided in the room. Only through the entrance you may enter and only through the exit you may leave the event again. In this case, you can set up one recording station each at the entrance and at the exit and record the visitors at both stations completely independently of each other. A prerequisite is that you have started the multi-station session on both stations with an identical room QR code. Another prerequisite is that the sessions overlap in time. Visitors who leave the room before the end of the session can be recorded at the exit. When the event is over, you can simply close both sessions; visitors who are still checked in are automatically checked out and the recorded data is uploaded to the server of the Trier University of Applied Sciences, as before. There, the records of all sessions are merged in a suitable way. If you accidentally start a session with only one device in multi-station mode, this is no problem - this session will then behave like a normal session in station mode with regard to the data stored on the server after closing the session.
    We have provided a presentation and a demo in the video portal of the Trier University of Applied Sciences, which explains the use of the multi-station mode in more detail. We recommend that you watch the videos before using the multi-station mode.

  • Administrator mode: In this mode, which is also protected by a password, all contact data and attendance times uploaded to the server can be exported to an Excel file. It is also possible to search for contacts of specific visitors and export the contact lists to Excel files. This allows the immediate transmission of the data to the responsible public health department.
What will happen to my data?

Please read the privacy policy carefully. In short, Intake collects the same data that you are typically asked for on paper forms, i.e. name, address and telephone number of visitors to an event. This data is stored on your terminal device after you have entered it and is only transmitted to the Hochschule Trier together with a time stamp when you let it scan your personal QR code. In the event of a detected COVID-19 infection, this data can be transferred to the responsible public health department so that you can be quickly informed about a potential infection.

The data will not be used for any other purpose, such as attendance control in courses.

What does the "Renew" function do?

This function is used to change your own personal data stored in the QR code. This may be necessary, for example, after a move or a change of name. You can also change your data several times. If you change your data using "Renew", you will still be the same person for the application and as a result you will be found via all given names in a contact tracking in case of a detected COVID-19 infection.

Do not use this function if you want to generate a QR code for another person. If you want to do so, please read the answer to the question "Can I generate a QR code for another person?"

Can I generate a QR code for another person?

Yes, but you should pay attention to the following: The "Renew" function is intended for making changes to your own personal data, for example, when you change your address. If you use the "Renew" function on the same PC with the same web browser to store another person's data, the newly generated QR Code will still be linked to you, even if the data is different. If you want to generate a QR code for another person in this way, this will lead to false positive hits when searching for contacts.

If you want to keep your personal data and independently generate a QR code for another person, you can easily open Intake in a new "Private Tab" (Safari), "Incognito Tab" (Chrome) or in "Private Surfing" mode (Firefox). The data stored in these tabs will not overwrite your personal data and will not be stored on your device after closing the tab.

I have to re-enter my data every time I start Intake. What can I do?

Your personal data is stored by the web browser you use. Other web browsers cannot access this memory. If you use a different web browser than the one you first entered the data in, you will have to enter the data again. However, if you start the original web browser and call Intake, your data will be available again.

If you use Intake in a "Private Tab" (Safari), "Incognito Tab" (Chrome) or "Private Surfing" mode (Firefox), the data you entered will be automatically deleted after closing the tab or web browser. In this case you can simply open Intake in a normal tab. Maybe you also use a web browser that automatically deletes all data after closing a tab (e.g. Firefox Focus). In this case you should use another web browser for Intake.

I don't own a Smartphone or Smartwatch - What can I do?

It is not necessary to own a Smartphone or a Smartwatch to participate in the procedure as a visitor. You can also generate your personal QR Code on your PC at home and then print it out on paper using the "Print" button. You can then bring this printout with you and show it when entering a session.

How big does a printed QR Code have to be, so that Intake can still read it?

We recommend not to fall below an edge length of 2 cm. Your printer should be set to a resolution of at least 300 dpi. If the edge length is smaller, it depends on the resolution of the printer and the quality of the scanning camera if and how fast the QR Code can be scanned.

Where can I get the session host or administrator password?

The passwords are set by the administrator and are known only to him. Once authorized as a session host, the password will be given out to you.

The reading of QR codes does not work. The camera is not displayed. What can I do?
  • Check whether the device you are using has mechanisms that can be used to deactivate the integrated camera. On laptops this is often one of the function keys on the keyboard (e.g. "F8") or a slider near the camera.
  • You may be using an outdated version of your web browser. Please check if a new version is available.
  • The web browser lacks the rights to access the camera. Under iOS/iPadOS, you can allow access via Settings > Screen Time > Always Allow > + Camera. In older iOS versions, this setting can be found under Settings > Restrictions. On Android, the setting can be found under Settings > Privacy > Permissions Manager > Camera. Make sure that the web browser you are using is included in the "Access Allowed" list. On Android devices, the setting can be found in Firefox under Settings > Privacy and Security > Website Permissions > Camera > Ask for permission.
  • The operating system does not allow your web browser to access the camera. This is the case under iOS/iPadOS, for example, when using a web browser other than Safari. Try another web browser.
  • If you started Intake from an icon on the home screen and are having problems accessing your camera, please also see the answer to the question "Can I install Intake as an app on the home screen of a smartphone or tablet?"
On my iPhone/iPad only the rear camera is displayed. What can I do?

Please first determine which iOS/iPadOS version you have. This can be found under Settings > General > About.

If you have a version 12.x.y or older, the operating system only provides the rear camera for the application and therefore the application can only display this camera.

If you have a version 13.x.y or newer, please check the following setting: Preferences > Safari > Camera. If this setting is set to "Ask", please set it to "Allow". Afterwards you should restart the app and test again if the camera selection is now possible.

The scanning of a QR code is not confirmed with an acoustic signal. What can I do?

Please make sure that your device is not muted or the volume is set too low.

Unfortunately, sound playback is currently not possible in the Safari web browser. In all other web browsers the playback of sounds by Intake is possible.

Please refer to the answer to the question "Can I use Intake on devices with iOS/iPadOS?

I cannot access the stored sessions. What can I do?

This functionality is reserved for a very limited group of users. Session hosts can only view the names of the recorded persons during an ongoing session.

After a session is closed, the data is immediately uploaded to the server of the Trier University of Applied Sciences and then deleted from the session host's device. If the upload fails (e.g. because there is no Internet connection at that time), the data remains stored on the device in encrypted form until the device is back online and the automatic, regular upload was successful. You can also trigger the upload manually under "Manage sessions".

As administrator you can download sessions or contacts of visitors. These are first converted into an Excel file. Excel files can be opened using an application that can read this file format. Make sure that you have an appropriate application installed, such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice.

How can I record multiple sessions on one device simultaneously?

There are several possibilities for this. It depends on which hardware is available:

  • I have the possibility to place a separate device in each room.

    In this case we recommend to operate the devices in the so-called station mode. Each device then takes over the contact data recording for the room in which it is placed. Please note that the lecturer (unlike in session host mode) must also check in to the session with his personal QR code.

  • I only want to use one device for contact data recording.

    In this case it depends on the device class you are using:

    • If you use a device with iOS or iPadOS with an operating system version 13 or higher, you can place multiple independent instances of Intake on your home screen. For example, if you have three rooms, you would install Intake three times on the home screen (see the answer to the question "Can I install Intake as an app on the home screen of a smartphone or tablet?"). Under iOS and iPadOS it is also possible to give these instances of Intake different names (e.g. the room name).

    • If you are using an Android device, you will need to install three different browsers on your device in case of three parallel sessions, for example. We recommend to use Chrome, Firefox or Opera for this purpose. In each of the browsers (or the respective home screen instance) you can start Intake independently of the other browser and thus record the sessions separately.
    • If you are using a laptop, you can proceed analogous to the previous case.
Can I use Intake on Android devices?

Yes, you can use the web browsers Chrome, Firefox or Opera in their latest versions. We also recommend using the latest version of Android.

Can I use Intake on devices running iOS/iPadOS?

On smartphones and tablets from Apple, it is necessary to use Safari in order to use all functions of Intake. Apple does not support the use of the camera on other web browsers, so it is not possible to read QR codes there. However, it is possible to generate the visitor QR code with these web browsers.

Can I use Chrome or Firefox on iOS/iPadOS?

The visitor mode is fully functional in these web browsers. However, the session host, station and administrator mode requires the use of Safari on iOS/iPadOS.

Can I use Intake under desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS)?

Yes, Intake offers full functionality on desktop computers and laptops with camera under all common operating systems and web browsers.

Which web browsers are supported?

Intake has been successfully tested on the officially supported operating systems (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS) with the following web browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

However, Intake cannot be used within Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Can I install Intake as an app on the home screen of a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, this is possible under Android as well as iOS/iPadOS. Depending on the operating system and the used web browser this function is named differently. In any case, you must first launch the web application provided by the organizer in your web browser. The installation then takes place as follows:

  • Android
    • Chrome: Open the menu in the upper right corner. There you click on the entry "Add to Home Screen".
    • Firefox: In the address line an additional symbol appears (a house with a plus sign in it). After clicking on it, the query "+ Add to home screen" appears, which you only have to confirm. In newer versions of Firefox, this function is called "Install" and you are automatically asked if you want to add the application to the start screen when you visit the web application.
  • iOS/iPadOS
    • Safari: Click on the "Share" button at the bottom of the screen. In the menu that appears, scroll to the "To Home Screen" entry and click on it.
      A special feature of Safari is that the apps on the home screen are independent instances of the web applications. Therefore, after the first start of Intake, you have to enter your contact data again via an icon on the home screen. This special feature also allows you to install several instances (e.g. one for business and one for private purposes).
    • We have tested this functionality on the following device classes, with the latest operating system version installed for each class. The following behavior was found:
      • iPhone 4S does not work.
      • iPhone 5S does not allow access to the camera when starting from the start screen. In this case, Intake works in the Safari web browser without any restrictions.
      • iPhone 6 does not allow access to the camera when started from the home screen. In this case Intake works in the web browser Safari without any restrictions.
      • iPhone 7 works without restrictions.
      • iPhone 8 works without restrictions.
      • iPhone X works without restrictions.
      • iPad Air 2nd generation works without any limitations.
      • iPad 2nd generation works without any limitations.
      • iPad Pro 4th generation works without any limitations

        We will constantly update this list. If you have another device, please feel free to tell us about your experience by e-mail.
Can I install multiple instances of Intake on the home screen?

This is possible under iOS/iPadOS. You need to use the web browser Safari. On Android you can currently only install one instance.

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