Intake - Digital Contact Data Recording at Trier University of Applied Sciences

The Corona control regulation of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate makes it necessary to collect contact data and contact times of students and visitors of Trier University of Applied Sciences. The aim of this regulation is the immediate detection of possible chains of infection, so that these can be reported to the responsible health authority in Trier. The responsible health authority can then inform the potentially endangered persons as quickly as possible.

Paper forms,  which visitors have to fill in, are used in many places (e.g. restaurants) to record contact details. This procedure is not contactless and carries the risk of unauthorised access by third parties. In addition, the identification of potential chains of infection involves enormous effort and is error-prone.

The web application Intake offers all students, staff and visitors of Trier University of Applied Sciences the possibility of having their personal contact data recorded digitally in a very simple way. A QR code generated from this data can be shown on the smartphone or the smartwatch at the entrance to a course, for example, and can thus be transmitted contactlessly and in compliance with data protection regulations. In accordance with the Corona control regulation, all personal data is automatically deleted after one month.

Intake offers

  • Easy input and reuse of personal contact data
  • Contactless recording in compliance with data protection regulations
  • Fast and reliable identification of potential chains of infection for transmission to the responsible health authority
  • Availability on all common devices (smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, laptop, PC) and operating systems (iOS/iPadOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux) without installation
  • Multilingual interface (German, English, French)
  • Operation and secure data storage in the computer centre of Trier University of Applied Sciences

Easy to use

1. Enter your personal contact data

Visitors store their contact details on their own device when they start the application for the first time. This is used to generate a personal, encrypted QR code.

2. Have your QR Code scanned

When entering and leaving events, the visitors' personal QR code is scanned. This transfers the contact data to the university and logs the attendance times. The QR code can be presented on a smartphone, tablet, a smartwatch or as a printout (e.g. as a sticker)

3. Identify contacts

In the event of an infection, the Intake administrator can use an automated search to easily, quickly and reliably determine the potentially affected contacts, export them to an Excel spreadsheet and immediately make them available to the responsible health authority. Otherwise the data will be automatically deleted in due time. You can find more detailed information on this in the data protection declaration.


To start Intake, simply open the following address for example in the web browser of your smartphone:

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Georg Rock
Prof. Dr. Georg Rock
Professor FB Informatik


+49 651 8103-596
+49 651 8103-454


Schneidershof | Building O | Room 206


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