International Buddy Program

Join the International Buddy Program!

In the International Buddy Program, exchange students and other new international students are matched with "local" / more experienced students from Trier University of Applied Sciences. The local buddys will help their partners with questions and take part in communal events organized by the International Office.

If you would like to be matched with a buddy, please send email sign-up form to Rhoda Albers (Campus Gestaltung), Helen Werner (Campus Schneidershof) or Cruz Gonzalez (Environmental Campus Birkenfeld).

The local buddies will receive a certificate if they fulfill all compulsory tasks; please see the routing slip for more information.

Please note that the primary purpose of the International Buddy Program is cultural exchange; buddys are not obliged to assist in formalities such as enrollment or room search. For any organizational issues, please contact the International Office.

Events in the summer semester 2021

Event Place Date Time
Virtual intercultural training online 29.03.2020-01.04.2020 10:00-14:00
Virtual board game night online 05.05.2021 20:00

Main Campus

Design Campus

Rhoda Albers, B.A.
Beschäftigte Präsidialbüro


+49 651 8103-801


Irminenfreihof | Building Q | Room 8


Di. - Do. 9:00 - 15:30 Uhr

Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld

Dr. Cruz González
Beschäftigter Präsidialbüro


+49 6782 17-1147


Birkenfeld | Building 9916 | Room 40
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