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The "Master of Arts - Business Management" degree programme is designed to prepare students for leading positions in management. The development of the future professional environment is characterized by the increasing internal and external complexity of companies, virtualization and networks, acceleration and shortening of product life cycles and internationalization. Against this background, this master aims at developing leadership skills, at holistic thinking and acting. Also crucial is the necessary handling of the resource "information / knowledge" which will be the key competence. This will be crucial for the success of companies in the future. That is why the terms information and knowledge on the one hand and the basic idea of ​​integrative thinking as the starting point for holistic action on the other are at the center of the training for the Master of Arts - Business Management and shape the structure of the curriculum. The degree programme is aimed at those with a first degree in business administration, business informatics and industrial engineering.


Additional information

Professional activity

The "Master of Arts - Business Management" degree programme prepares students to take on leading positions in a field of activity related to economics. The course deepens the students' awareness of problems and their ability to make decisions and leads to scientific creativity and interdisciplinary thinking. This enables the students to take on management positions in the future that require a high level of abstracting and formalizing discussion and constructive problem-solving skills. The Master's degree is the prerequisite for admission to the higher civil service and enables the holder to pursue a doctorate.

Structure of the course

The degree programme is designed as a 4-semester full-time course and has a modular structure. The curriculum consists of the three blocks "Information Sources", "Information Systems" and "Integration: Management" and is supplemented by a specialization and elective area.

The first block “information sources” is devoted to the collection and analysis of information that forms the basis for management activities. Above all, these are variables from internal and external accounting as well as market and environmental information that map the relevant environment of the company. The second block, Information Systems, conveys the knowledge necessary to deal with the resource "information". This includes the design of information management and the ability to formulate and analyze complex models for operational issues.

The third block “Integration: Management” combines the two blocks mentioned above and forms an organizational and content bracket. On the basis of a consistent case study, the complex corporate events are illuminated from different perspectives. The students learn to comprehensively grasp the company with its internal and external interdependencies and to develop a corresponding ability to act.

The degree ends with the final thesis. It is based on a complex task spanning several problem areas. When it comes to the solution, the user of scientific knowledge and methods is of central importance.


After successfully completing your studies, the university of applied sciences awards the "Master of Arts" degree.


Enrollment and application

Enrollment takes place in the winter semester via the online portal of Trier University of Applied Sciences.

Contact and advice

If you have any general questions about studying at the Business School, please contact our departmental student advisory service.

The study service at Trier University of Applied Sciences answers general questions about application, admission and enrollment.

At a glance

  • Goal: scientific business management in-depth studies
  • Start of studies: winter semester
  • Degree: Master of Arts - Business Management
  • Standard period of study: 4 semesters (120 ECTS)
  • Requirements: Bachelor's degree in business administration, business informatics or industrial engineering
  • Admission: Bachelor's degree with an overall grade of 2.3
  • Tuition fee: none, but student fee (including semester ticket)
  • Note: the degree programme is conducted in German (except the 2nd Semester, which is conducted in English)
Prof. Dr. Matthias Weimann
Prof. Dr. Matthias Weimann
Studiengangsleiter FB Wirtschaft - Business Management


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