Application Master Degree Programme Fashion Design

Those interested in the Master's degree course in Fashion Design at the University of Applied Sciences Trier can apply for the summer and winter semesters.

Applications for admission to the summer semester via the Trier University of Applied Sciences' online portal must be received by the examination office of the Trier University of Applied Sciences by December 1st, or by June 1st for the winter semester.

The regulations of the Examination Office apply to the form of the written application. The application must be submitted by the deadline and must include the following documents:

  • the completed online form of the Hochschule Trier,
  • a resume,
  • the proof of undergraduate studies is documented by certificates,
  • proof of the required 210 ECTS credits,
  • the master exposé, which explains the motivation to start a master's degree course in fashion design at Trier University of Applied Sciences.

Master Exposé:

The applicant presents his/her professional and personal reasons for pursuing a Master's degree in Fashion Design at Trier University of Applied Sciences. This letter of motivation should not exceed two DIN A 4 - pages.

The Department of Fashion Design only accepts digital data carriers on CD-Rom if their contents cannot be conveyed in printed form. In the case of digital data carriers, the content, description, technical information and booklet must be enclosed.

All application documents will be returned to the applicant.

Selection procedure:

The selection will be made after an interview.

The interview takes place in January or July of the respective year. Suitable applicants will be invited in writing. The aptitude test committee of the fashion design department decides on the suitability of the applicant on the basis of the required documents.
For the interview, the applicant must present a portfolio of his/her own work, which provides information about the qualification.
The motivation described in the master exposé should be convincingly presented in the interview.
The selection of suitable candidates is made by the Qualifying Committee of the Fashion Design Department.

Please send your application or further questions to



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