International Summer Academy from 2 - 13 August 2021

Programme 2021

Gemstone engraving (1)

Engraving Workshop with Julia Gogol

For five days we will focus on the technique of stone engraving. The goal is to create an engraving in a gemstone with diamond tools. The process from design to the finished engraving will be taught under the guidance of the master engraver Julia Gogol.

After an initial introduction to stone engraving, we take a trip to local stone dealers to find the perfect stone for your project.

Workshop topic Selective Affinity: Two materials come together and form a unit. 

WORKS BY Julia Gogol

Course details

  • date: 2nd of August - 6th of August | duration: 5 days, 35 hrs
  • participants: min. 6 / max. 8
  • language: English / Russian


Julia Gogol

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