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"Wearing Change" Exhibition at Villa Bengel

Once again, Not Only Decoration, the not-for-profit artist collective, is putting together a show, this time for an exhibition at our town of origin, Idar-Oberstein at the Villa Bengel from July 4 to October 6.

Wearing Change is the 4th installment from Not Only Decoration, showing works that take a fresh view on contemporary jewellery and for this event, NOD is not disappointing. The critical topics covered by this exhibition express varied issues within the fields of social, humanitarian, environmental matters and even those that have a critical view on the jewellery industry itself.

At the opening at the 4th of July 2019 at 19:00 you will not only experience 39 different works from artist from 22 different nations, also you will get a new perception of jewellery and body, including a performance work by Laura Jack.
Also we are proud to launch at this evening the new volume of our magazine: Not Only Blah Blah, which will dig deeper into the topic of jewellery, body, participation and performance.

Adriana Almeida Meza (COL), Ana Carolina Escobar (COL/FR), Anna Rebecca Schultze (DE), Cedric Chevalley (CH), Eva Fernandez (ESP), Eva van Kempen (NL), Fabiana Gadano (ARG), Gabriela Nirrino Riess (ARG), Gina Nadine Müller (DE), Holland Houdek (USA), J.Kleeberg (AT), Julia Obermaier (DE), Karin Kent (NOR), Kika Karufino (BRA), Laura Jack (AU), Leslie Boyd (USA), Lilly Harte (UK), Linjewel Wang (CHN), Lynne Speake (UK), Maria Tsoskunoglu (DK), Martin Rivers (UK), Monica Lecouna (ARG), Monica Wickström (FIN), Nassrin Vassalian (IRN), Nicole Taubinger (CZ), Paula Zucker (CHL), Philipp Eberle & Marie von Heyl (DE), Rachael Colley (UK), Reihane Raei (IRN), Rill Greenfeld (IL), RØRT (DK), Sandy (TWN), Stacey Huang (CHN), Stephie Morawetz (AT), Susanne Matsché (AT), Vicky Biagiola (ARG), William Rudolph Faulkner (USA), Yaroslava Kellermann (DE/UKR)

This exhibition will be taking place at the historic Villa Bengel, the gallery of the historic Jacob Bengel Art Deco Chain Factory, which embodies over 130 years of industrial history of the city of Idar-Oberstein. The gallery is run by the Jakob Bengel Foundation in cooperation with the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Campus Idar-Oberstein and supported by the city itself. Together, they working on updating and innovating the traditional idea of what jewellery is. This is a very unique opportunity for exposure not only to the local makers, but internationally as well since Villa Bengel has developed to a highly regarded venue for contemporary jewellery statements.

Find more information about NOD at the Website, Facebook or Instagram.

Read more about Villa Bengel.

Stacey Huang Gift Set Necklace Gold plated brass, pearls photo by artist
William Rudolph Faulkner A Sharp Rise III Brooch Glass, Silver, Steel - photo by artist
Eva Fernandez Air Bag 4 Neck piece plastic, rubber, strap photo rights Maria Przybylska
Eva Van Kempen Compilation bracelets bracelets gold, morning after pill, citrine, pvc film, artificial lether, fresh water pearls, silk photo rights Hugo Rompa
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