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Mira Kim Selected Graduate at Klimt02

Among the selected students by more than 40 schools, Klimt02 will select and award one of them with the JPLUS Emerging Talent Award 2019.

Mira Kim (MFA 2019) was selected for the JPlus Award by Klimt02. The Winner of this prestigious Award receives an exhibition of the graduate works at Hannah Gallery by Klimt02, and an one year free jeweller membership including a personal jeweller profile at

Prof. Theo Smeets says about the works of Mira Kim:

Trees, villas, kings and queens, nail polish, paintings, peanuts - every hour of every day images flash by in an endless frenzy, getting faster all the time. The stream does not break off any more, it accelerates everyday life and gradually the memories of what we have seen begin to blur; they fragment and from a certain moment on, they will intertwine. Meanings wash around us and very often over us. How can I exist, keep standing against such permanent relentless rampaging? Where do we find a moment where we have the time not only to perceive images, but also a moment in which
meaning can unfold beyond the subconscious?

The works of Mira Kim enable us to become aware of a magical moment where meanings interlock. Sometimes a backside and a frontside statement are brought together. Always together but never in one view. More often though, pictures are literally cut up, sliced and the old connotations of the photographs are used, on the one hand to mingle among each other. On the other hand - in the contexts of their constructed forms, they will trigger the brain to form new sensations. Spaces are created; real spaces combining 2 and 3- dimensional forms in ever-changing perspectives - at first. It takes an empathic observer but on second sight Mira’s personal frenzy comes to a halt in our imagination and finally in our memory and then everything falls into place. Thus, the question of contemporariness is answered implicitly. Mira Kim's jewellery merges connotations in a way it makes one forget to have already been comfortably led out of the daily flood of images. To ponder the discovered space to enjoy an instant of contemplation.

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Mira Kim (MFA 2019)
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