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Flying Stones - 3 Graduates from Idar-Oberstein Exhibiting in Switzerland

An exhibition with Pia Groh (BFA 2017), Helen Habtay (MFA 2018) and Julia Obermaier (BFA 2016) at Galerie Annick Zufferey in Carouge.

In “Quartz revised – or Flying stones” is an exhibition by Pia Groh, Helen Habtay and Julia Obermaier. The three graduates from Idar-Oberstein invite you to experience a new point of view on the eternal material – stone. Each maker in their own manner transforms the traditionally charged imagery of quartz into innovative and vivid adornment. Their body of work is characterized by an unconventional usage and combining of various materials which generates tension and wit for wearer and viewer. This exhibition unites three inspirational ways to convert stones into a heavy delight. The pieces are on show from 02 - 30 March 2019 .

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