Gemstones and Jewellery

00:00 – 23:59 a Solo Exhibition by Cherry Boonyapan

Cherry Boonyapan (M.F.A. 2015) shows her most recent work from 1st to 15th of September at Gallery MANO at Taipei City, Taiwan.

From my curiousness about the relationship between the living and death in Western and Eastern cultural context. Because my own experiences with bereaved and mourners, that left profoundly impacts our understanding and devoid of meaning and value and also it mirrored the social construction of death forms,
how we see death today?

What is important, though, is the ways in which memorializing democratizes death and gives a voice to minor grievers, those who are not given a place in society to grieve, either because of their position in society or because the type of death they have experienced is considered tabu or is not publicly acception. Whereas to emphasizing the impact of death, which it effects on the attitude and the death shapes behavior of living. Which attitude do we have towards death? In comparison to eighteen century that the activity with death was much more in a different variety of valediction, in the role of dying bed or even mourning feeling transformed into a visible form in jewelry. The length of time one grieves is dependent upon many varying factors. It often takes many years for bereaved individuals to feel they are able to function normally again. My jewellery is transcending the worlds of the living and the dead. Their meanings have shifted through the material and be aware of these shifting meanings as they move across cultures and time.

/ Cherry Boonyapan

[Translate to Englisch:] Cherry Boonyapan, Brooch: Lost of Self, 2018 Black porcelain, silver 950.
[Translate to Englisch:] Cherry Boonyapan, Brooch: Lost of Self, 2018 Black porcelain, silver 950.
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