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Online portfolio consulting Bachelor Gemstone and Jewellery

Foto: Vanessa Zöllner

During this appointment you will have the opportunity to have your portfolio assessed by our professor Eva-Maria Kollischan. Use this valuable feedback to be optimally prepared for your later application. You may be able to exchange, supplement or revise your work. Here you will find all the information you need for your application to the Bachelor's programme Gemstone and Jewellery. Please register in advance by e-mail for the portfolio consultation:

What goes in the portfolio? Your portfolio should contain 10-15 expressive works and should provide as broad and comprehensive an overview as possible of your existing artistic and creative aptitude. The works can be from the following areas:

- Drawing/painting (in all materials and formats in the original or as photo, graffiti, street and video art, web design and/or photography
- Photo/video presentation of 3-dimensional studies, sculpture or product design
- Products of applied arts, handicrafts
- Design drawings and studies (hand drawing or CAD)

Location: Online
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