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"European Youth Award" + "Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland" goes to master student Intermedia Design

Die Preisverleihung durch Staatssekretärin Claudia Dörr-Voß. Bild: u-institut William Veder

The founder and master student Adrian Wegener was awarded two prizes from Germany and Europe in November.

On 12 November, Adrian Wegener was in Berlin to receive the Kultur- und Kreativpilot award at the reception in the Federal Chancellery followed by festivities at the Federal Ministry of Economics. Only a few days later he went to Graz, where he was presented with the European Youth Award as a young entrepreneur.

The 3D creative program "Eye Build It Creator" developed by Adrian Wegener enables physically impaired users to create physical objects and express themselves creatively through intuitive eye control and a 3D print interface.  The application is optimized for the physically challenged who cannot use a mouse or keyboard. The 3D program combines eye control, user experience design and 3D printing to enable inclusion, participation and therapeutic measures. In addition, this combination of technology enables new barrier-free workplaces in many industries and specialist areas. "The Eye Build It Creator makes it possible for people with physical disabilities such as paraplegia to be creative for the first time," says Wegener. "The idea came to me during my studies when I realized the great potential of this technology."

Adrian Wegener is the only Rhineland-Palatinate citizen to become a cultural and creative pilot. For ten years now, 32 entrepreneurs from the cultural and creative industries have been awarded the title "Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland" (Cultural and Creative Pilots Germany) for their forward-looking ideas in front of over 300 invited guests from business, culture and politics. The award gives the title holders access to an individual mentoring program that supports them in their entrepreneurial development for one year. At the same time, they benefit from the wealth of experience of a far-reaching network of experts in the cultural and creative industries and from the supra-regional attention that the award of the Federal Government brings.

Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister of Economics and Energy: "Both in the development of digital novelties, which for example support people in the medical-therapeutic field, alternative work concepts, as well as sustainable packaging and material solutions and contemporary nutrition and health products: Germany's cultural and creative pilots stand for the "Creative Impact", which is so important for the economic and social future of our country".

In the 18th edition of the European Youth Award, the innovative program Eye Build It Creator was awarded by 20 jury members from different European countries as one of the most promising projects due to its creativity, digital implementation, sustainability and economic potential for the year 2019. Here, too, the winners can look forward to a mentoring programme and support from the prize's network.

Birgit Kolb, European Youth Award Project Manager (translated): "It's really impressive to see smart applications like Eye Build It Creator. They are creatively tackling urgent social tasks."

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