Michael R. Schwarz, Dipl.-Ing., Architect BDA

  •     1971 - 1973 worked for architect Gottfried Böhm - Cologne - Hohe Domkirche zu Trier
  •     1980 Academic Research Assistant I Research and Teaching,
                               Trier University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Architecture
                               today - Department of Design, specialising in Architecture
  •     1985 Architect activity
                               Cooperation with H. Ernst L.-Architekten BDLA, Trier †
                               Christoph Mancke, sculptor Dürrsittert (Eifel)
  •     Awards and prizes, leading national and international competitions
                               with architectural, urban planning and open space planning tasks
                               a.o. Athens_Trier_Saarbrücken_Erfurt_Magdeburg_Nuremberg_Munich_Offenbach
  •     1987 - 1988 Seminars with Heinz Bienefeld, Swisttal †
  •     1989 - 1995 Seminars with
                               Herman and Valentiny Remerschen - Luxembourg/ Vienna - Austria
                               Dr. Arch. Benno Simma - Bolzano Italy
                               Dr. Arch. Wolfgang Piller- Bolzano Italy
                               Dr. Arch.Wolfram Pardatscher- Merano Italy
                               Dr. Arch.  Werner Tscholl - Latsch Italy
  •     1996 Appointment to the BDA

focal points:

University activities:

  •     Scientific publications/publications/specialist lectures
  •     Design activities/artistic activities for buildings or other realizations
  •     Participation in competitions, specialist prizes

University graduates:          

  •     Academic research assistant Dipl.-Ing.

Professional associations:                     

  •     Chamber of Architects Rhineland-Palatinate
  •     Architect B D A

Room D207



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