Prof. Dr. techn. Wieland Becker

Professorship for the Department of Wood Science and Research, Consulting Engineer

Personal data

  •     Member of the Chamber of Engineers Rhineland-Palatinate
        Consulting Engineer, No. 193305
  •     Member of the Board of the State Advisory Council for Wood Rhineland-Palatinate
  •     2010 - Professorship for the Department of Wood at the HTWG Trier
  •     2005 Head of Research and Development at HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, Sachsenburg, Austria
  •     2003 Research Assistant at the Institute for Building Construction and Technology of the TU Vienna
  •     2002 Dissertation at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the TU Vienna - Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schneider
  •     1998 University Assistant at the Institute for Structural and Timber Engineering of the TU Vienna
  •     1994 Project manager for SF-construction at HELD & FRANCKE/HOLZMANN - Hamburg
  •     1994 Diploma in Architecture at the University of Hanover - Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek
  •     Born 1957 in Stuttgart, Germany

mission statement

"We're all sitting on one bullet and nobody can jump off it."
(U. Merbold, German astronaut and physicist)

Only if we know the natural material wood well will we be able to use it excellently. Excellent use means attractive design, safe construction, long-term use, economical use of primary energy and materials, operation and dismantling, and, if possible, intensive use of domestic wood reserves.

Only when at least the majority of the aforementioned requirements have been met does a building earn the title of sustainable*. Planners and architects therefore bear a significant share of the responsibility for saving our endangered planet.

* The term sustainability comes from the Saxon forestry master C.v. Carlowitz from 1713. Sustainability is given when no more is taken from a material cycle than added.

Room D106

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Phone: +49-651-8103-267

Institute of advanced timber architecture and engineering


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