Stratified Care Training for Physiotherapy Students

Projekt HS Trier International: Global Innovation for Sustainable Futures 2022

Dear Participant

A. This serves as enrolment for the International training on stratified care. Kindly provide your relevant details in the space provided below, if you are willing to participate in this training.

Firstname, Surname

B. Participation in evaluation

This training on stratified care will be evaluated for development and research purposes. This is to ensure improvement to suit the needs and goals of participants and propagate such trainings. Participants can decide, if they are willing to share their data (see information sheet) for this purpose. Data processing will take place pseudonymously. Note that this is voluntary, it is not a requirementto take part in the training or a criterion to receive the certificate.

If you want to support the evaluation, please click this LINK, read the information sheet and click yes on the box below.

C. Privacy policy and consent to the processing of personal data (Data protection)

a) Description and scope of data processing: Your name, sex, date of birth, country, email address and qualification in addition to training data including tasks scores, duration, attempts, answers to questionnaires and notes on conversations will be collected and stored by Trier University of Applied Sciences, Department of Computer Science; Therapeutic Sciences.

b) Purpose of data processing: The temporary storage of the data mentioned under 1. enables the organisers to improve the training and for research purposes.

c) Duration of storage: The personal data will be deleted or blocked as soon as the purpose of storage no longer applies. Data will also be blocked or deleted at the latest when a legally prescribed storage period expires. In the case of the above-mentioned data, deletion will take place after 10 years.

d) Data transfer: A passing on of the above personal data takes place for access management and data collation to Mrs Cornelia Wockenfuß. Trier University of Applied Sciences. Rechenzentrum. Schneidershof. 54293 Trier. Please also note our privacy policy  

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