Tips for preparation

How to convince digitally...

#01 Equipment:
  • Stable and fast internet connection (best would be via LAN cable)
  • PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet
  • Google Chrome has proven itself as a browser. You can find more information about the technical requirements here
  • Microphone or headset (e.g. from cell phone)
  • Integrated or external camera for the individual calls
  • Tip: Are you unsure? Then make test calls with friends.
#02 Room
  • Quiet room, preferably without distractions
  • Table and chair
  • Not too private
  • Not outside (noise, distraction, etc.)
#03 Camera position
  • Place the camera facing towards you at eye level, ensure there is enough distance between you and the camera and that your face and neck can be seen
  • Look directly into the camera during the conversation (= interlocutor)
  • Choose a background that is as neutral as possible

If you use a smartphone...

  • Use a tripod or lean the phone so that your hands are free and the display does not shake
  • Remember to disable all sounds (e.g. calls, WhatsApp, etc.)
#04 Lighting conditions
  • Best light from the front or slightly to the side
  • Diffused light is ideal, avoid direct illumination
  • Light from above can shadow and distort your face
  • Light from behind (e.g. through windows) makes you unrecognisable
  • Tip: Test the lighting conditions beforehand with a selfie
#05 Posture
  • It's best to sit upright, but comfortably
  • You can put your hands on the table or the armrests. Very nervous? Then hold a pen or clasp your hands.
  • Try to sit as still as possible and not to fidget
#06 Clothing
  • It's best to dress as you would for a face-to-face interview
  • Dress comfortably, but not too casually
  • Remember that your clothes also influence your appearance
#07 Possible topics for individual interviews

It is generally advisable to inform yourself well about the company before an individual interview. You should also have a concrete objective for the interview and communicate this to the company if necessary.

Based on this, there are several options for how such a one-on-one meeting can proceed.

You can...

  • Introduce yourself as a possible employee so that the company can get to know you.
  • Express interest in a specific job posting and briefly explain why you are the perfect candidate for the position.
  • Introduce yourself and your profile to network and ask the company about other openings in your area of interest.
  • Ask further questions about the company as an employer.

Best of success!

#08 More tips for the conversation
  • Look into the camera and not at the screen when speaking
  • Speak slowly and clearly, let them finish
  • Find a quiet environment, no distractions
  • Stay calm, simply ask if anything is unclear (address technical problems, use chat function if necessary).
  • Keep drink handy
  • If necessary, have documents ready and make notes
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