Our tips for a successful online communication

Technical hints and tips

  • Stable and fast Internet connection (preferably LAN)
  • PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet
  • Google Chrome is the most compatible browser with BigBlueButton
  • Loudspeaker and microphone or a suitable headset (e.g. from cell phone)
  • Webcam for the individual meetings
  • More information about the technical requirements can be found here
  • Do you have questions about BigBlueButton? Under Downloads you will find a manual with the most important points. Here you can find useful video tutorials.

Online meet-and-greet

  • When you enter the room, you have the choice to participate "with microphone" or "listen only". If you participate "with microphone", you can also ask your questions via microphone. You will still have the option to mute the microphone. If you have selected "listen only", then you will not be able to speak. You can use the chat in both cases. To take advantage of the interactive nature of the event, we recommend that you participate with a microphone.
  • You can post your questions in the private or public chat or directly via microphone - they will be answered live by the company representatives.

Individual interviews

  • In the 1-1 sessions, you have the possibility to make a first and perhaps lasting impression. This will be successful by:

  • Using your real name (first and last name).
  • Turning on your camera and microphone to establish a personal connection. It's best to make sure your video and sound quality are good before the interview.
  • Speaking more clearly and slightly slower to compensate for delays in voice transmission or reduced voice quality.
  • Tip: Use a headset or headphone cable with microphone (comes with most smartphones) - the sound quality is often better than the built-in computer microphones.
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