Online meet-and-greets

40 minutes for your questions!

In the online meet-and-greets via live video chat, you can exchange ideas with other students and obtain background information that will give you a head start on your application. Speak with a company representative live and in person about their company and have them answer your questions about applications as well as entry and career opportunities. Here you can see in which language the company presentations take place.

Your German skills are not fully developed? ? No problem! Ask your questions in English or book an individual interview with your dream company here, which can take place in English.

How does that work?

  • You register on the respective profiles of the companies for the Career Tuesdays and receive a confirmation email afterwards.
  • The links for the live sessions will be sent to you automatically after registration.
  • On the respective day simply click on the link, enter your name and you're in! 
  • Google Chrome is the most compatible browser with BigBlueButton, please consider downloading it if it is not your current browser. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Want to join the online meet-and-greets of several companies?

No problem! The companies present themselves one after the other, so you have the opportunity to give each presentation your full attention. Each meet-and-greet lasts about 40 minutes. After a 5-minute break, the next company will present itself. This way you can attend all company meet-and-greets without any problems.


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