Idar-Oberstein adorned

"Idar-Oberstein adorned" is a series of exhibitions on contemporary jewellery organised by the Department of Gemstones and Jewellery in cooperation with the Jakob Bengel Foundation and the city of Idar-Oberstein. The exhibition rooms are located on the ground floor of the beautiful Art Nouveau villa of the Jakob Bengel Foundation at Wilhelmstraße 44 in Idar-Oberstein.

Current exhibitions:

Eva-Maria Kollischan - I'm off then

Prof. Kollischan shows new works, created during a research semester, as well as an installation in the Bengelstiftung. Prof. Baumkötter from the HFK Bremen writes about Ms Kollischan's oeuvre: "It is an artistic work in different media that examines its conditions and means and does so in a very independent way. The aim of these works is not an aesthetic of any kind but the processing and investigation of the various media with the help of one's own subjectivity."

2 December 2021 - 21 January 2022 at Villa Bengel

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Next exhibitions:

Historical treasures of the region - Fischer Company

Every year, the exhibition programme includes a presentation from Idar-Oberstein's rich past. In 2020, we will show the results of a voyage of discovery through the archives of the chain manufacturer Walter Fischer. Today, Fischer mainly produces chains in brass, sterling silver and aluminium. The range of products is wide: the brass portfolio alone contains 2,600 chain designs; for the other two materials it is somewhat less. Every year, 30 to 50 new or reissued designs are added. The exhibition shows the history of the company and the determination with which the theme of chains has been pursued for over 70 years.

27 January - 1 April 2022 at Villa Bengel

Passed exhibitions

Pieter Lemmens - Rideo Ergo Sum

(accompanying ThinkingJewellery XII at the Idar-Oberstein university)

Can art be satisfied with a role as a supplier of consumer goods in the market of the culture industry? Or is it time to focus more on the political implications of art in order to engage more proactively with contemporary social issues? Paintings by Pieter Lemmens, one of the speakers, will be shown at the symposium. Perhaps the most essential question related to Lemmens' work is: what exactly is there to laugh about? Criticism through humour and exaggeration runs like a thread through Lemmens' work.

Opening on 14 October 2021, 19:00 at the University of Applied Sciences in Idar-Oberstein.


Bruce Asbestos - S/S20 & S/S21

(accompanying ThinkingJewellery XII in Galerie Pfälzer Hof)

In 2021, the cooperation between the university and the Jakob Bengel Foundation with the galleries Chrom VI and Pfälzer Hof will continue. On the theme of the 12th Jewellery Symposium "The Political Challenge of Art", Galerie Pfälzer Hof will show the installations S/S 2020 and S/S 2021 S/S 2021 uses experimental 3D modelling and rendering to create a playful digital catwalk for Bruce Asbestos' spring/summer collection. Based on research trips to New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia and Asbestos' love of American pop culture, the outfits shown on the catwalk address the power of cultural identity in a globalised visual culture. The S/S catwalk features wild interpretations of American icons, including 'Kroc', a crocodile figure based on American McDonald's tycoon Ray Kroc, who made the company a symbol of American capitalism.  (curated by Dr. Eila Goldhahn)

Opening 15 October 19:00
Duration: 15 October to 31 October, daily from 17:00 to 23:00
Gallery Pfälzer Hof, Wasenstraße 90, 55743 Idar-Oberstein |


David Bielander - Jewellery

(accompanying ThinkingJewellery XII at the Jakob Bengel Foundation)

David Bielander does not work in themes or phases. All his works are one, a constantly growing body of work, interwoven, interconnected and slowly in motion. In this way, previously created works make astonishing developments. So what does it mean to imitate an animal or a flower in this dystopian reality? Who do we stick our tongue out at with the iconic rubber lip from 1999? And how does it interact with the 2019 Pinocchio nose carved from the wood of a confessional?

17 October - 25 November 2021 at Villa Bengel.

More info, registration & livestream

Kyoco Taniyama – ISHI NO TABI, YAMA

(to ThinkingJewellery XII in Gallery Chrom VI)

In 2021, the cooperation between the university and the Jakob Bengel Foundation with the Chrom VI and Pfälzer Hof galleries will continue.
On the theme of the 12th Jewellery Symposium "The Political Challenge of Art", Chrom VI is showing works by the Japanese Kyoco Taniyama. Her creative inspiration is motivated by the concept of "ubiety". Guided by the seemingly simple question "Where am I now?", Taniyama addresses the individual's confusion, which is increasingly intensified by globalisation.

16 October - 25 November 2021 at the Chrom VI Gallery. 

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Dieter Lorenz and Bernd Munsteiner - Stone Pictures

13 August - 10 October 2021 at Villa Bengel

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Proudly African – Jewellery Affairs

11th of June - 8th of August 2021 at Villa Bengel

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