Sonia Pibernat MFA

Master-Thesis: "Bodies in Motion - Immaterial Lines"

Supervision: Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer, Prof. Eva-Maria Kollischan, Prof. Theo Smeets


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How is possible to materialize the lines that a body in motion draws in the space? In this thesis I have drew a line that has help me to understand my process of materialization from the idea until the final object.

My starting point has been understanding how important is the body movement to express ideas. In this point has been important to look at body’s definitions and dance as an artistic discipline.

A relevant part of my thesis has been to understand why I have chosen particular techniques and materials to express my ideas. I do believe that these choices were not by chance, so by looking at different artists and reading theoretical books about techniques I have connected the practical and theoretical part. The principal element to express the movement has been the line. But, how can I represent the movement by the line. In this thesis I make reference to artists like Picasso and his project light drawings; Wassily Kandinsky and his theory of point and line on plane; Tim Ingold and his anthropological vision of the line; Auguste Rodin and his live drawings from dancers; Anni Albers and her new idea of work in weaving techniques, etc. All this references have helped me to construct a complete work by giving me a perspective from my work.

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